Your digital publication is everywhere you want it to be with Dirxion Compass.
Years ago, we prioritized our development team to flush out Flash and clear a way for enhanced mobile technology. Compass is the first fully-HTML5 digital publishing instrument, helping Dirxion to lead the industry in mobile functionality and compatibility.
Our digital publishing has never been so dynamic, and now is the time to partner with Dirxion to collaborate, share and build a better solution that expands your brand and boosts your bottom line.
Digital Publishing
Boost your online revenue and drive more leads to your advertisers with our completely redesigned Local Search Platform.
Local Search
Local Search's improvements allow for publishers to build a more intimate and communal Internet directory platform that will benefit your market and its businesses. Publishers boost their online revenue and drive more leads to their advertisers with our completely redesigned Local Search.
Improved search engine optimization drives more traffic to customers, whose expanded profile options encourage discovery in more places. Take advantage of the platform to add more content about location information and events, and create an experience worth searching into.
Dirxion is a trusted digital publication provider used by publishers to create a brand-sensitive, integrated, HTML5 experience. Our Compass solution creates digital catalogs, directories, newspapers, magazines, flyers and travel guides. It empowers publishers to deliver an effective, robust marketing tool that is proven to increase reach, generate revenue and decrease distribution costs. Compass is easy to integrate, providing a seamless opportunity to improve your business.
Our greatest recent development accomplishment was a full transition from using Adobe Flash to using HTML5 as the backbone of our digital publishing platform. This enables our team to build the most flexible and mobile digital publishing interfaces in the industry. Our engaging interfaces enable users to interact more deeply with the publication across desktop, tablet and smartphone devices without losing functionality between platforms.
The Internet directory landscape is dynamic, which is why Dirxion's Local Search is a great platform with which to work. Local Search offers a flexible service that quickly brings great benefits to your advertisers. As the publisher, we equip you with new programs and ideas that are implemented to take advantage of new opportunities. The solution evolves with you.
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  • Brizo
  • Chesapeake Home + Living
  • Comporium
  • Crutchfield
  • David's Bridal
  • Delta
  • DexPages
  • Dollar Tree
  • Fonecta
  • HD Supply
  • Lawson Products
  • Miami Today
  • MSC
  • New England Patriots
  • PCC Natural Markets
  • REI
  • Scout Bags
  • Sunshine Media
  • ULTA Beauty
  • USABluebook
  • Visit Richmond
  • Yadtel Publishing
  • Ziplocal

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  • David's Bridal
  • Scout Bags
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