Dirxion, LLC is transforming the way people access written information by providing cost-effective digital publishing solutions that leverage and optimize print online.
It all started two decades ago in a pair of small offices just off the brick roads of downtown St. Charles, Mo. There you could find Concept 2000, stuffed away in the back of a building where a group of dumpsters sat along the wall. The office was cluttered with manuals, servers, desktops, monitors and cigarette smoke from the computer hardware collector with whom we shared the space.
A small group of software engineers had teamed up to develop technology to turn print pages into a digital presentation. At the time, it was incredibly innovative — some of the first ever digital directories were being created and published onto CD-ROM.
Now, living in a world enhanced with greater technology, Dirxion's greatest challenge is to continue to lead the digital publishing industry into unseen functionality and a product that exceeds the basic standards of online replicas.
We began with white and yellow pages and grew on that niche into an international digital publisher. But, more importantly, we saw the opportunity to help other industries use our technology to solve their own unique problems. Ever since, we have helped a variety of publishers reduce costs while redistributing their content online to increase reach and bolster the value of their publications.
By transforming the way people can access written information, Dirxion helps publishers adapt to the dynamic needs of readers who, in the framework that tablets and smartphones have created, simply consume information in a new manner. Our strength lies in flexible development, excellent customer service and the ability to envision how an individual company can use our publishing solutions to its operational and financial advantage.
Every digital publishing solution that we create is a step toward making print more accessible, more captivating and more valuable. You are welcome to take the next step with us.
Commitment to innovation, excellence and our community remains our top priority.

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