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It's no secret that paper is created from trees. After all, one of paper's main ingredients is pulp, which consists of cellulose fibers that typically come from pulp wood. And because of the mass harvesting of wood, paper pollution is one of the world's most serious environmental concerns.
By default, digital publishing enables print publishers to reduce their carbon footprint and benefit the environment with less printing. Our products provide a sustainable way for publishers to produce their content while saving some costs by reducing the areas of their print that prove less necessary and more excessive.
But we recognize that cutting some printing is a balancing act that requires a sensitive touch. Plus, we greatly support the publishing industry, and our success is centered on the printed publication. We think there will always be a benefit and, consequently, a demand for printed publications. Helping to minimize the publishing industry's environmental impact, however, is one of our company's clearest goals.
Digital publications are obviously created electronically. No trees are cut to produce them. No ink is used to put content on pages. No fossil fuel is used to run presses or power trucks to transport them around the country. No storage facilities need to be heated to keep boxes of publications until they are shipped to stores.
Compass, our latest digital publishing instrument that benefits publishers around the world, delivers content to the end user electronically so that they can be read electronically. The content is disposed of with the push of a delete button, never taking up room in a landfill.
But it's not like we are energy-free, either. The computer servers that process, host and serve Compass all consume energy. We do our best to keep our office as green as possible — recycling bins, reusable cups, canvas bags — but we know that it is difficult to monitor our employees' individual impacts on our planet.
We simply ask that the publishing industry acknowledges the potential to save a few trees through digital publishing and to seriously consider doing this with Compass.
Make your publication a little greener starting now.

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