Show your advertisers that you want their business by giving your readers an iTunes and Google Play application. All of your issues are instantly available online with the familiar look and feel of your e-Editions. Now available with in-app subscription purchases and recurring payments.


  • Subscription

Protect the value of your newspaper by implementing a paywall with our subscription system. An admin system allows your staff to easily maintain a current subscriber list. Enjoy the benefits of recurring payments today.


Receive Google Analytics tracking and observe your e-Edition readership in real-time. The reporting is constantly accessible in order to gain valuable insight into the usage of your digital newspaper at any time.

Give your readers and newspaper staff a robust archive that can be searched through for keywords and specific publications. Every e-Edition is processed into the archives, and customers can also send in past issues.


Serve up an e-Edition that automatically detects the user's device and displays a customized version of the interface for tablets and smartphones, ensuring an optimized viewing experience from a variety of platforms.


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