Allow users to rapidly add catalog items to your existing e-commerce site. Digital catalogs featuring our custom Lightbox technology, digital order forms and wish lists provide more access to the products you sell online.



Publications can display in a new tab or be embedded within the current header or footer of your site. Using your existing domain, this creates a seamless transition from website to digital publication.


Compass integrates Google Analytics to gather generic and Compass-specific tracking. This reporting is constantly accessible for our customers to gain valuable insight into the usage of your digital retail catalogs.


We create an interactive extension of your brand with our on-line retail catalogs. The Compass interface will be customized to your branding standards and hosted on a URL or CNAME of your choice.


Give your users a chance to access either a single catalog or an entire library of catalogs right at their fingertips. All of your publications are instantly available on-line and can be downloaded to a device for off-line use with all the same functionality as the web versions.