The best in B2B Digital Catalogs

There is no stronger sales tool than a well-executed digital catalog.

Leviton Catalog

Leviton — a full content marketing collection that is accessible, intuitive and interactive.

Leviton recognizes the importance of providing its content marketing online and from one location. Its bookshelf stores over 100 titles, comprising brochures, catalogs, buying guides, design guides and training manuals. The first page provides filters by language, publication type and category, in order to make searching across all titles smart and intuitive. Product numbers within the pages are linked to corresponding e-commerce pages to create a shopping experience.



Within Leviton's interface is a search function that allows the user to apply filters and discover results across all titles in their collection, rather than only one title at a time.


Leviton's content marketing extends to five different language, including English, German, Spanish, French and Italian. Each language is searchable and has a table of contents written in the corresponding language.


The interface itself is given a custom color and design to match Leviton's brand. Dirxion’s interface is based in HTML5 and uses flexible CSS to deliver a unique interface for each of its customers.


The full content library is delivered to both the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores. The app is a reflection of the online catalogs mobile experience but also allows users to download a publication for offline use.


Present your content marketing in a multi-publication interface equipped with advanced search features like language filters and cross-publication search.


Enable your sales and marketing teams to select and create their own custom collections and presentations with your print pages.


Allow us to build you an order form platform within your online publications, allowing your sales team to receive quote requests, submit orders and create sales.

MSC Catalog

MSC Industrial — a Big Book whose printed pages are delivering sales online.

MSC Industrial is a leader in industrial distribution and home to one of the largest printed catalogs in the world — The Big Book. Its massive volume acts as an encyclopedia of industrial products. Serving over 4,500 pages in one interface is a challenge that Dirxion enjoys, delivering the publication with optimal settings to create a fast experience that is accessible from any page on MSC's website. The Big Book can be found in multiple locations, most-notably an embedded tab on the left-hand side of every page. MSC's Big Book has a unique integration that creates an online experience similar to that of the printed catalog, which serves as a reference tool and ultimate collection of information.



MSC's Big Book is found on every page of their website through a custom embed that uses a tab on the left-hand side of its pages.


Each product in The Big Book is linked back to MSC's e-commerce pages. Rather than leaving the publication, however, users access the product information through an iFrame within the interface.


The Big Book's table of contents uses custom icons provided by MSC, and clicking a section offers additional options in a drop-down format. This provides a sleek, easy to use presentation.

Don't miss out on MyCatalog.

MyCatalog is the next smart step in online catalogs for B2B publishers. Dirxion wants for your team to be able to create custom collections of publication pages that can be used for presentations and sales collateral. MyCatalog is user-based, meaning each individual with access on your end can collect and send specific pages of your content marketing to prospects and customers. This new development is the first of its kind in the online catalogs industry and is already being used by some of the best in B2B.


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