Consumers, aided by e-commerce, began their holiday shopping earlier than ever

For some Americans, the holiday shopping season begins on Black Friday. But for many others, e-commerce and pre-Black Friday online deals have continued to push holiday shopping earlier and earlier in November. Earlier in November, Adobe predicted holiday shoppers would spend $107 billion during the holiday season (officially Nov. 1-Dec. 31). At this point in time, U.S. shoppers are on pace to spend $109 billion.

Holiday Shopping


E-commerce holiday shopping on Black Friday could even generate more sales than Cyber Monday, the traditional day most businesses and consumers allocated for online deals. Last year, Black Friday generated $3.34 billion in online sales which was just below the $3.45 billion generated by Cyber Monday sales. However, from a growth standpoint, Black Friday online sales have increased at a much faster rate than Cyber Monday. According to more data collected by Adobe, Black Friday online sales have grown by 21 percent whereas Cyber Monday online sales have grown by 12 percent year over year.

“Holiday online shopping continues to trend earlier and earlier each year, with this year eclipsing last year by about a week” – Bob Buffone, Founder & Chief Technology Officer at Yottaa

Consumers and Mobile

Mobile devices continue to play a role in the e-commerce market well into the holiday season. Projections from Salesforce indicate smartphone traffic will generate 60 percent of online traffic to retail sites during the holiday season.Additionally, conversion rates for mobile devices are expected to rise during the holiday season. Mobile devices will account for $1 of every $4 made from e-commerce sales, according to comScore. The majority of purchases made on mobile devices are expected to be smaller, less-expensive items whereas larger purchases will be made on desktop or larger electronic devices, as predicted by Kevin Bobowski, senior vice president of BrightEdge.

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