Expand your presence, deliver your newspaper everywhere.

Give your readers an accessible, easy-to-use and custom designed e-Edition of the paper that serves as a digital replica of the print pages. It can be monetized through both subscription paywalls and online advertising, creating not just a new reader experience but also an additional revenue stream.

The Post

The Centre Post — a free paper that increases circulation and leaps logistical barriers through e-Edition distribution.

Delivering a free paper to as many readers as possible is key to the business model. After all, the best way to deliver the best value to advertisers is to find more eyes to turn through the pages. The Centre Post does just that, by centering its website presence on the e-Edition and driving as many readers to the print pages as possible. This creates a much-needed exposure to print advertisers and also creates an online advertising revenue stream that The Post takes advantage of through its own sales efforts.



The e-Edition interface is built with HTML5 technology (rather than Adobe Flash), making its pages and features available on mobile devices. This is critical for a free paper whose distribution and accessibility is paramount.


All e-Edition traffic for The Post is transparent and available through Google Analytics. The reports are publisher-facing and important to support both circulation numbers and advertising sales.


Like The Kokomo Herald, The Post places ads into the e-Edition interface. The Post’s ads are sold locally and appear as a linked image of the advertiser's choosing.


The Post uses both Facebook and Twitter actively. Its social media posts are delivered through live feeds tied into the e-Edition interface, providing real-time information to reader.


Offer a newspaper e-Edition that is developed with a mixture of HTML5, Javascript and CSS to create a mobile-friendly, custom designed interface.


Join the app stores with in-app subscriptions for the newspaper e-Edition. It can be published into both the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores to provide an additional revenue stream and publishing outlet.


Keep track of your e-Edition usage and make sense of its readership. Use this information to understand your circulation and sell online advertising into the interface.

Waterloo Republic-Times

Waterloo Republic-Times — supporting the business model with e-Edition subscriptions.

With a searchable print archive and various supporting features, the e-Edition offers an additional value to print readers. The Republic-Times, consequently, charges an additional monthly subscription to all e-Edition users. Each day, the Republic-Times e-Edition is delivered on time and ready for reading, so that the morning coffee can be drank with a broadsheet folded out or a tablet device turned on. In a digital landscape that continues to evolve, the e-Edition is not just a convenience that your readers need but rather one they expect.

Waterloo Republic Times

Automatic Renewals

Dirxion supports The Waterloo Republic-Times with a simple subscription system that ties in automatic payments through PayPal. Subscriptions can be created with automatic renewals, creating a common subscription experience for other online services.


Each day, Dirxion sends the Republic-Times subscription database an email notification minutes after new pages are published. This helps drive traffic for the Republic-Times and makes sure readers don’t miss a new issue.


The e-Edition acts as a central hub of information, combining elements of the print, website and social media of a newspaper. Each e-Edition, including The Republic-Times, is given a custom design to support this notion and create a comfortable reader experience.

Build an archive, preserve your history, share it with readers.

When made available, a newspaper archive is a rich mine of local history that holds hundreds of thousands of stories that often can't be found anywhere else. Without an archive, this history is frozen in time and unable to be found. Dirxion wants your readership to have access to this world that just needs to be thawed and brought back to life. Publish the archive on its own URL, lock its contents with a subscriber login and create a value around the search experience that gives a sense of adventure and discovery through the past of your community.

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