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Penningtons Catalog

Penningtons — a shopping experience that turns catalog readers into online buyers.

Penningtons sees the opportunity to expand the reach of its print catalogs through a well-designed online catalog. Its monthly lookbooks are promoted through email campaigns and website positioning to drive traffic and sales. Dirxion uses iFrames and custom coordinates to deliver corresponding e-commerce pages to specific product clicks. This delivers a familiar shopping experience for anyone browsing through the Penningtons collection and looking to buy. The lookbooks are published in both English and French to market to a broader audience.


Penningtons uses Dirxion’s touchpoints, a circular plus sign that acts as a call-to-action for additional product information. Touchpoints are customizable and can be given unique icon images or a pulsating feel.


In order to deliver product information, Dirxion uses iFrames that are pointed to corresponding product pages on Penningtons' e-commerce site. This enables a shopper to make a purchase within the online catalogs and encourages further browsing.


Penningtons' took advantage of Dirxion’s HTML5 flexibility by providing unique specs for an interface of their own. A unique header and specific color set gives the online lookbook a feel that is familiar and comfortable to a Penningtons shopper.


The lookbook is delivered in both English and French, with the French version being accessible through a language toggle in the bottom-right corner of the interface. Using the toggle will translate the entire interface and lookbook pages into French.


Online catalogs apps can be published into both the iTunes and Google Play stores, providing an additional publishing outlet and increased exposure.


Unique messaging and rich media can be triggered in the online catalogs interface, based on specific pages, keyword searches and time elapsed.


Support your online catalogs campaigns with information that you need to show the results your company desires. Don't miss a product click or purchase to associate an ROI and conversion rate.

Pandora Catalog

White House Black Market — an embedded interface with tight e-commerce integration.

White House Black Market's online catalogs receive full integration. The interface is embedded within White House Black Market's website — rather than being linked out to in a separate tab — and product clicks open White House Black Market’s e-commerce Quick View. To add a polished touch, each product is given a polygon link, which is an outline drawn around White House Black Market's products that highlights when hovering over with a cursor. The result is a credible shopping experience with which White House Black Market's customers are fully in sync.

White House Black Market


These links are the class of product linking, all done with a human touch. Many retailers, including White House Black Market, ask for Dirxion's production engineers to draw linked outlines around their products, which creates a clean, stylish look.


Through some communication and customization, a retailer's e-commerce Quick View can be integrated into their online catalogs. Working through this integration gives a product click similar functionality to the existing e-commerce site while keeping shoppers in the interface.


White House Black Market wants its customers to look through its online catalogs from within its website framework. This adds to Dirxion's custom, white label effect that creates the comfort shoppers need to make a purchase.


Each online catalog is supported with Google Analytics, and Dirxion customers can provide tracking codes from their own analytics platforms to compile transparent and comprehensive results. This tells an ROI and conversion story that won't let you down.

Focus on the pages, minimize the interface.

A new interface design offers online publishers an opportunity to showcase their products by packaging the product features into a menu button. Clicking the button reveals a set of functionality similar to the traditional toolbar. This can be stored in multiple locations (top, left or bottom sides of the screen). The new look adds to Dirxion's collection of interface options and fundamentally changes the way a user engages with online catalogs, creating extra focus on the products you are selling in the printed catalog.

Sam's Club

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