Showcasing online catalogs for publishers at ACPN conference

This week is the annual Automotive Content Professionals Network (ACPN) conference. ACPN comprises mostly automotive manufacturing companies, along with some distributors and retailers. Rudy Brynac ( and Larry Ball ( are representing Dirxion on Tuesday at the conference in Kansas City, Mo.

ACPN Dirxion

Each year, Dirxion enjoys the hospitality and networking of ACPN’s conference and appreciates the loyal support from its automotive customers. Dirxion works with B2B catalog publishers on creating custom online catalog applications for both web browsing and the iTunes and Google Play stores. These online catalog libraries provide product links to corresponding e-commerce pages, creating an online ordering experience via the familiarity of print pages.

Testimonial: “We are able to track the page views and sessions for our online catalogs, number of downloads and installations of our mobile apps. The numbers continue to increase year over year for the mobile and tablet applications.” — Linda Forsythe, Digital Marketing Manager, Lawson Products

Brynac and Ball both have expertise in working with automotive companies on their online catalogs. One of Dirxion’s new automotive customers, Standard Motor Products, works directly with Ball and a team of Dirxion development and production engineers to provide a library of guide publications. The live site can be visited here:

As it did with Standard Motors, Dirxion builds a custom-designed interface to match the needs of Standard Motors branding. Dirxion also uploaded a video tutorial on how to use Standard’s interactive buyer’s guide, which can be accessed in the top-right corner of the interface. Each part number within the buyer’s guides is linked to Standard’s e-commerce product pages. This provides its customers with a connected shopping experience and easy ability to search, find products and make a purchase. These projects typically take 10-15 business days to complete and less time to update with new pages.

For the conference, Dirxion also provided a video display at the tradeshow floor. If you were unable to catch the promotional piece and are interested in Dirxion’s product, please check out the following video presentation. In it you will find product screenshots and some of the valuable services that automotive publishers take advantage of with Dirxion.

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