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Facebook continues to develop new programs and initiatives in order to increase their standing among the newspaper community. Most recently, it announced that publishers will be allowed to have metered and premium paywalls around their Instant Articles.
The New York Times has made subtle changes to the structure of their leadership in response to the growing number of online readers and, inversely, their decreasing print readership. In May, The Times terminated the public editor position as the newspaper seeks to shift more of their resources and attention toward online feedback and comments.
Since the rise of the Internet and it’s evolving role in journalism and news delivery, newspapers across the country have heard the same story: ad revenue and circulation is declining, staff sizes need to be cut, papers need to do more with less.
Newspaper e-Editions are becoming a necessity for newspaper websites. They act as an extension of the print version of the paper, broadening its circulation to the endless edges of the Internet.