U.S. retail e-commerce continues to grow, supplemented by Amazon

The United States Commerce Department recently announced U.S. e-commerce retail had grown by 16.3 percent during the second quarter, as reported by Digital Commerce 360. According to YCharts, a financial data research platform, e-commerce has grown within the United States as a share of total retail sales at a steady rate since the data was first recorded in 1999.

This recent growth is the largest increase for domestic retail e-commerce in five years, in which e-commerce sales have increased by 16.8 percent over the previous quarter. For over a decade, retail e-commerce sales in the U.S. have accounted for an increasingly larger proportion of total retail sales, currently sitting at 8.5 percent, according to YCharts.

Large corporations and industry-leading tech giants have accounted for a large majority of the retail e-commerce growth. For instance, in Q2 2017, Amazon accounted for 38 percent of the e-commerce growth in the U.S. Said corporations pioneered e-commerce technology such as the omni-channel shopping experience and in-store pick up to meld the physical and digital markets. Marginal profits have increased in companies that have implemented these practices and adopted aspects of their e-commerce platforms into their existing sales channels.

On average, retail e-commerce has become increasingly popular over the years, but the trend of growth isn’t exclusive to the United States. For instance, Digital Commerce 360 reported a similar trend for Canada in which, on a year-over-year average, Canadian retail e-commerce grew by 46 percent. China, the largest e-commerce market in the world, has seen one of the largest growths in the retail e-commerce market. The lack of developed legacy retailers coupled with the rise of dominant domestic e-commerce marketplaces such as Alibaba has lead to an explosion of e-commerce activity and development within the Chinese market. Such activity has prompted companies within the United States to increase their e-commerce presence to combat the increase of the international presence.

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