4 School Newsletter Ideas to Increase Engagement

School newsletters are a great way to keep parents, students and the community up-to-date with the latest news and events happening at your school. However, it can be hard to make a school newsletter stand out to keep people engaged. There are many content ideas and ways to get the school community more engaged, and we want to talk about a few of them.

Before we jump into the school newsletter ideas, we want to make sure that you understand the importance of a well-functioning digital newsletter. If you don’t already have an online school newsletter, then now is the time to make one. If you already have one, it’s time to make it better.

Dirxion can take your school newsletter and turn it into exactly what you need it to be to increase engagement and the number of readers. The first step is making your content accessible to everybody, and having a digital version will go a long way.

Now knowing how important an online school newsletter is, we’ll go into four ways you can increase engagement.

Student Spotlights

One of the best ways to increase engagement in your school newsletter is to shine a spotlight on your students. This is a spot where your school can highlight student achievements, such as awards, sports accomplishments or academic honors. You should include extracurricular activities in this section as well. A “student of the week” is a common school newsletter element that is always great to include.

It’s important that you don’t only focus on highlighting student successes that revolve around high grades. It’s key to make your newsletter as inclusive as possible.

You can also feature school clubs, student artwork, essays or poetry. With the permission of the students, including actual work and info on school clubs can engage your readers more and will give them something to look forward to in future editions. On top of that, it’s a way to show your student body that the work they do is more than just a way to get grades, it can make an actual impact elsewhere.

Including interviews with students can also make for great content. This will give your content more personality and give readers more insight into the minds of the students. Parents and students will love reading about student achievements and will be more likely to engage with your newsletter if they feel involved.

Highlight Community Involvement

Another element to include in your school newsletter is highlighting. community involvement. This can be done in a few ways.

You can feature local businesses that support your school. This can be team sponsors or other businesses that your school works with for fundraisers or other community events. It’s a good way to help students and parents discover more local businesses in their community.

This can also be a way to highlight past or upcoming events. Highlighting future community events and activities will encourage parents and students to attend. You can also include information about previous events to inspire the student body or parents to participate next time. By focusing on the school’s involvement in the community, you create a sense of pride and ownership that will generate excitement for your school and your newsletter.

Focus on School Faculty and Staff

Your faculty and staff are the backbone of your school, and featuring them in your newsletter can be a great way to increase engagement. You can include profiles of teachers and staff members, feature their accomplishments or highlight their involvement in the community.

Students work with these teachers and staff members every day, and sometimes there aren’t opportunities to learn more about them. Giving your students the chance to learn about their teachers outside of the classroom will have them reading your newsletter more. When parents and students feel connected to the staff and faculty, they are more likely to feel a greater sense of loyalty to the school.

Include Interactive Content

Interactive content can be a fun and engaging way to increase interest in your school newsletter. For example, you can include a poll or survey to get feedback from parents and students on topics related to the school. You can also include non-school-related surveys as well. This is also an opportunity to create contests, such as a photo contest or essay contest, where winners are featured in the next newsletter. Adding interactive elements to your newsletter creates a sense of excitement and eagerness, encouraging people to engage with your content more regularly.

Create a School Newsletter With us Today

Now that students and parents are accessing school information online, it’s time to make sure your school newsletter is also digital. You can share a link to your newsletter in email blasts, on school social media or you can even include the newsletter on your school website.

Whether you haven’t gone digital yet, or you’re just looking to make improvements to your current school newsletter template, we’ll help you create exactly what you need to increase engagement. An improved digital newsletter and our school newsletter ideas will get you to where you need to be. Contact Dirxion today!