Digital Travel Guide & Online Brochure Creation

Discovery and adventure delivered on brand.

Take your content marketing to a place that tourists want to go by delivering a comfortable and enticing online publication. Designed by our full-service team with HTML5, the interface holds a custom design that matches your brand and fits right into your marketing plans.

What Should A Digital Travel Guide Include?

Travel guides are designed to attract tourists to a destination. Like traditional travel guides, a digital travel guide leverages interactivity and will include information about sites, accommodations, restaurants, transportation and fun activities in the local area. Maps and historical and cultural facts are often included in the content. Dirxion can help your organization build an interactive travel guide customized to help promote your region with a close attention to interface design.

What Are The Benefits Of A Digital Travel Guide?

Print distribution is important to a travel guide campaign, but digital travel guides help save on printing costs and open up distribution to anywhere with an Internet connection. The user experience can include custom features like embedded media (videos and photo galleries) to showcase your sights and surrounds. The digital travel guide acts as a show piece for your print investment while bringing additional value to your advertisers through increased circulation. A close attention to branding details helps present the best possible presentation to your travelers.

Golden Isles CVB

High-Resolution Imagery for a Beachside Island Journey

Nearby Savannah and Jacksonville, the Golden Isles is a beautiful and popular tourist destination. Its visitor guide is stuffed with outstanding photography that lets vacationers know what waits for them along the Georgia coast. Dirxion’s online travel guide interface optimizes this imagery by outputting JPGs in an HTML5 based platform, leaving no compromises to the content that Golden Isle Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) has worked hard to prepare.

Travel Guide Features

Custom Design

The Golden Isles visitor guide interface is designed to match its website and provide an on-brand experience that supports its overall marketing efforts.
Easily share the entire travel guide, or highlight a notable attraction by sharing a specific page within the publication.

Photo Gallery

The photo gallery can be accessed in the toolbar by clicking on the film strip icon. From here, potential visitors can observe the beauty of Georgia’s coastal islands.

Minimal UI

Minimize your online publication interface by hiding the toolbar and tab features with a menu button.

Mobile Friendly Interfaces for Apple & Google

Our user interface works seamlessly with both iOS and Android devices, providing a positive experience for smartphones.

Promotional Widgets

Sell additional advertising, promote specific events or publish rich media in the online travel guide interface through custom widgets.

Tauck Travel Brochure

Custom Brochures that Bring Users to a World of Discovery

Tauck approached Dixion with a legacy interface built from templated options. They wanted to elevate their digital brochure experience to better match luxury brands, and discovered our work. The result we provided was a sleek UI that better matches their brand and brings a user-friendly experience to their travelers and agents.

Brochure Features


Tauck publishes several brochures in a number of bookshelves, each of which serves different areas of the world. This allows travelers to discover a variety of content in one session.


Within the MyBrochure interface is an option to create a custom PDF, curated from pages that jump out to the end user, giving great flexibility to trip planning and sharing.

Interactive Links

Throughout the brochure pages are interactive links, including indexes, URLs and custom trip links, allowing the user to dive further into relevant information for their travel purposes.

Photo Gallery Options

Imagery and high-end photography are the lifeblood of any travel organization. Visitors want to see what they are missing out on, as well as have a feel for what they could experience.

For this reason, Dirxion developed a photo gallery feature that allows for travel publishers to post a limitless number of high-resolution photos into the online travel guide interface. The photo gallery is accessible by clicking the film strip toolbar button; however, this feature can be also be opened in a variety of ways. For example, the time elapsed in a certain publication, or a specific number of page turns can trigger the photo album to open.

Travel Guide FAQ

What are the benefits of Digital Travel Guide?

A print investment is important to travel agencies and their advertisers, and the best way to enhance the print experience is with an interactive PDF version of their travel guides. This opens distribution with a reliable, easy-to-use digital asset that can provide value to marketing campaigns. Traffic and actions within the user interface are trackable for the digital travel guide, providing metrics that can boost your brand and advertising portfolio.

How do Digital Travel Guides help your audience reach new destinations?

The digital transformation has allowed travel organizations to present attractive online campaigns to drive tourism. There is, however, still an audience for your print investment, and this investment can be boosted with a digital travel guide. The content on these pages is valuable to potential travelers, and Dirxion wants to give this content its best digital presentation.

3. How is this different than a traditional PDF Guide?

PDFs are a static dead-end for digital users, since the pages are isolated from the rest of your website ecosystem. The digital travel guide is published into a brand-friendly interface, hosted at a brand-specific URL and linked back to your website with interactivity. Multimedia can be embedded to add content to the print pages, and the entire interface is trackable with analytics.

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