Digitize your flyers, open up their circulation.

Providing an e-flyer extends your print circulation through the Internet to a limitless amount of users, helping spread your best offers to more buyers.


Ulta Beauty, the largest beauty retailer in the U.S., finds success through its e-flyers through two key embed techniques. On its website, Ulta’s current flyer can be accessed through the “current ad” link in its toolbar. Secondly, through its store apps, the e-flyer can be found embedded with its mobile-compatible experience. As a consequence, the e-flyers receive great amounts of website traffic, capitalizing on what makes an online publication so valuable — a limitless circulation.

Each product in the Ulta flyer is given a unique polygon link, which is an outline drawn around the product image that brings extra focus to the links.

When products are clicked in the app version of Ulta’s e-flyer, users are taken to corresponding m-commerce links, keeping the user in Ulta’s app.

Being a nationwide brand, Ulta has stores all across the U.S. Within the e-flyer is a custom toolbar button to open Ulta’s website store locator.


Our user interface works seamlessly with both iOS and Android devices, providing a positive experience for smartphones.


The e-flyer supports a variety of languages, both within the interface and also through the text extraction for searching throughout the publications.

Google Analytics

Keep track of the e-flyer's results through Google Analytics tracking. Submit product URLs with campaign tags to tell both a conversion and ROI story.


Sam’s Club publishes a collection of e-flyers and online catalogs that give a variety of deals to shoppers. The publications are all accessible from one location — a digital bookshelf — bringing flyer and catalog shoppers together for potential cross-selling. Each publication is linked back to Sam’s Club’s e-commerce pages, where shoppers can add to cart and look to complete a purchase. With prime position on dollartree.com’s homepage, both in the toolbar and with thumbnail links, Sam’s Club is able to drive significant traffic to its online publications.

Dollar Tree stores a group of publications in one location that acts a landing page for the e-flyers and online catalogs.

Within each Dollar Tree publication, products are linked to their corresponding e-commerce pages using polygon links, a link that acts as a border around product images.

The e-flyers and online catalogs interfaces have a custom design to match the Dollar Tree brand, creating a comfortable experience for Dollar Tree’s shoppers.

Each publication is tracked through Google Analytics, providing transparency and real-time information about product usage and the return being created by the campaign.

Different deals for different locations? No problem, just ask for Versioning.

Flyers often display different offers for different store locations, meaning multiple versions of a similar flyer are being distributed across your company. For this reason, Dirxion has ways to call upon the right version for the right customer, helping deliver accurate deals. Contact Dirxion today and ask about how the e-flyer handles versioning and see what solution best suits your company needs.

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