The organization is founded in St. Louis, Missouri, as Concept 2000. A small group of software engineers teamed up to develop technology to turn print pages into a digital presentation.

Concept 2000 developed “look and feel” digital versions for white pages directories. These digital directories were being created and published onto CD-ROM for distribution.


The year 2000 was in the past, and the company renamed itself to Dirxion — a nod to foundations in the directory industry. It was during this period that Dirxion ventured outside of directory print conversion and developed web applications that could serve the needs of catalogs, textbooks and flyers.

Internet speeds were increasing in homes and offices worldwide, expanding the need for an improved online application. By leveraging Adobe Flash, Dirxion was able to provide rich media and interactivity on CD-ROMs and USBs, while enriching its online application through embedded media and custom hyperlinking. This led to the connection of print catalogs and e-commerce websites.


Dirxion developed one of the first HTML products in the market, allowing for mobile and tablet compatibility. B2B features such as wishlists, order forms and iFrame integrations made the digital catalogs a stronger selling tool. Hyperlinking evolved into calls to action like touchpoints and image linking, promoting a stronger shopping experience for publishers.

As one of the original developers in the industry, Dirxion continuously leveraged its experience to create custom solutions that pushed itself and its competition forward. Client observations helped guide Dirxion’s full-service approach, which led to several new features and integrations.

Current Day

With over 25 years of development and experience, Dirxion has firmly established itself as the premier full-service digital publishing solution. We pride ourselves in offering a consultative experience, working with some of the best brands across several industries — partnerships that span over 10 years. A majority of our team members have been part of the journey for over 15 years, a testament to our founders who have kept the business privately-owned and nurtured strong work-life balance and collaboration. Individuals take pride in the work they produce and leverage their expertise to the benefit of Dirxion’s customers. We will continue to believe in print, digitization and the full-service approach that gives the proper guidance for success.