Publish all of your literature and content marketing to one location with easy-to-use filters and cross-publication search.

What is the bookshelf?

The bookshelf centralizes, organizes and displays your print collateral in one shareable location.


Maintain literature arrangements and select custom filter options to help users drill down publication selections and keyword searches.


Quickly filter and search across publications by a variety of categories, including but not limited to publication type, product category and language.


Share your virtual bookshelf with sales, marketing and buyers to discover the information they need.

Turnkey Collaboration

Save time on in-house production and development of maintaining a catalog library through collaboration with production engineers and specialized developers.

Upload and Review

Allow us to take your PDFs and produce interactive publications with linked indexes, URLs and product SKUs. Spend your time reviewing the UX/UI rather than marking up and processing PDFs.

Device and Browser Agnostic

The bookshelf is accessible and compatible with major mobile devices and desktop operating systems, with our

developers providing regular updates to patch news bugs introduced by the browser ecosystem.

Easy-To-Use Portal

Our bookshelf portal allows publishers to manage their publications by updating sort orders, filters and submitting new data. Removing and replacing existing pages is also a straightforward process.

Transparent Analytics

Review and learn more about your user base with transparent analytics set up using the latest Google Analytics

properties. Track total traffic and specific actions being executed in the bookshelf UX/UI.

Centralizing Collateral for a Growing Company

Centralizing Collateral for a Growing Company

Brady Corporation supports customers with labels, signs, safety devices, printing systems and software, with locations on seven continents. A growing, more-dispersed salesforce required Brady to consider a centralized collateral library to house its digital sales and content marketing.

Multiple Languages to Support Global Reach

With its expanding global reach, Brady requires support for multiple language and currency versions. This allows the sales team to search, discover and share specific content to specific customers from across the globe.

Backed By Analytics

To track its use, Brady has access to transparent analytics through integrations with Google Analytics. In these analytics properties, Brady gains insights to which publications and content are being engaged with the most. This allows them to analyze and adapt to varying needs.

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