Easily Create Digital Catalogs Using Your PDFs

Dirxion helps businesses connect with their audience, grow readership and capture sales in digital catalogs and other publications.

The Industry-Leading Solution in Digital Catalog Design

Dirxion is a leading digital catalog creation and digital publications software provider with broad selections of interactive features actively developed by our industry-leading team of engineers. With a digital service that enhances your online product catalogs, Dirxion’s team acts as a true advocate for your brand.

Uses Your Existing PDFs

Dirxion is a turnkey service that uses proprietary software to publish and host your PDFs in a custom UX/UI. We make it easy to convert your PDFs into stunning, interactive online catalogs and publications.

Multiple Levels of Internal Search

Users can input keywords to search across broad collections of PDFs, including custom category filters for a seamless customer experience.

Compatible Across Multiple Devices

PDFs and UX/UI are compatible across desktop, tablet and smartphone devices, with unique formatting to optimize for all browsers.

With an expertise in customization, Dirxion acts as your digital catalog maker, taking the PDFs of your product catalog and building a digital asset that supplements your print investment. You provide us with the data, and we provide you with a final product, allowing you to focus on where to put the catalog on your website and distribute it for engagement. The process is seamless, giving you back the time you need to focus on marketing the asset and working on other initiatives. Let us be experts as online catalog makers, so that you can be experts on how to market it.

Our Digital Catalog Service Features

Working with dedicated developers and engineers, you will collaborate on a UX/UI design that matches your brand. The publication’s interface will feel like part of your website, creating an ease and comfort among your user base that influences purchasing decisions and drives sales.

We incorporate shopping cart features right within the product description. When a product link is clicked, the user engages in a fluid shopping experience. Whether the user opens a product page in a new tab, calls open a Quick View or displays a custom detail, an opportunity to buy will take place without forcing the shopper to close out the publication. Less interruptions in the consumer journey leads to higher conversions.
Dirxion’s interface is built with mobile-friendly HTML5 rather than immobile Adobe Flash, meaning your online catalog can truly reach users anywhere. The interface is responsive and compatible with smartphones, tablets and various desktop resolutions. Updates adhere to the latest in ADA compliance guidelines, as well.
Analytics tracking is provided through Google Analytics to provide standard overview information, publication-specific details and proprietary interactions. The actual links being clicked are easily reviewed, and our production team is experienced in providing tracking codes to connect publication traffic with sales. Integrated data makes remarketing easy. With Dirxion, you know exactly who your customers are and how to reach them.

Additional Digital Catalog Options and Services

Enhance your digital catalogs with interactive links connected to your shopping cart, taking static pages and converting them into a hotspot for product information and purchase decisions.


Present your PDFs in a multi-publication interface equipped with advanced search features like category, language or section filters to narrow down cross-publication searches.


Enable your sales and marketing teams to select and create their own custom collections and presentations with your print pages using our industry-leading digital catalog creator

Quote / Order Forms

Build out a custom quote or order form within your online publications, allowing your sales team to receive inquiries and close sales.

Digital Catalog FAQ

Why is it beneficial to use digital catalogs?

You’ve already made a significant investment in designing and printing product catalogs, brochures, sell sheets and other pieces of literature. These PDFs often act as a dead-end user experience, taking someone out of your website and disconnected from engagement. Digital catalogs turn static PDFs into interactive PDFs and online brochures, driving discovery, encouraging their intent and connecting them to your shopping cart.

Full-Service vs. DIY?

Digital catalogs require a specialized development toolkit to be nimble with customization. Dirxion believes in a development-based full-service approach that enables its customers to entertain new ideas and solve unique problems. The bulk of its engineering team has over 15 years of industry experience, and this leads to the best possible customer service.

The alternative Do-It-Yourself (DIY) software approach offers its own benefits with customer-controlled production with limited customization. We believe the full-service approach has development benefits that exceed the production flexibility of DIY, and our team will service catalogs on demand with fast turn times and expedited services in cases of urgency.

How does Dirxion’s digital catalog service integrate with my website?

With a fully HTML5 interface, customers can easily embed the digital catalog live sites within their existing website. We can also connect the digital catalog to existing data sources and shopping cart experiences to create online digital catalogs with e-commerce capabilities. This further enables sales from your digital catalogs.

Introducing Version 7.7

We’ve enhanced the interface to speed up the look and feel, optimize important real estate and make navigation easier and more intuitive.

Based on our analytics, we are seeing continuing improvement with increasing sales and sessions, number of clicks in a session with purchases and returning sessions with purchases.

— Director of e-Commerce, Online Creative, Restoration Hardware

We needed to get more modern with our presentation as well as its capabilities. We wanted to seize the opportunity and really give our customers not just something new, but something better.

— Marketing Manager, SpillTech

Both the desktop and mobile-optimized versions are intuitive to use and provide REI an additional marketing tool to drum up excitement for upcoming events.

— Direct Marketing Program Manager - Direct Mail & Push Notifications, REI

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