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Publish, centralize, and share your school’s publications for  students, parents, and teachers on one platform.

With Dirxion, You Can:


Publish, promote and archive your school’s newspapers, yearbooks, course catalogs.


You’re in control. Share with select people or let the whole world see them. Publish and un-publish individual documents.


Dirxion lets visitors easily find the content they want to read with quick search, with the ability to drill down by keywords, section, publication type.

Under the Hood

Easily publish content based on your existing PDF files. Centralize your collateral for easy access and organization.

True Printed Experience

Gutenberg would be proud. Dirxion’s digital layout creates an immersive experience for readers that closely mimics that of the printed page.

Easily Scalable

With Dirxion, you’re not limited to the number of pages you can publish. Archive, pause or republish older documents using Dirxion’s digital bookshelf.

Branded as Yours; Not Ours

Dirxion gives your digital publications the look and feel of your school brand with the tools and resources of a turn-key publishing platform.

Reasonably Priced

Dirxion’s platform is a cost-effective way to bring a compelling digital experience to your audiences.

Hear What Users Have to Say

"Sharing the e-edition of our yearbook is a special compliment to the hardbound edition. It's easy to share and celebrate with our students and community."

—Mitch Eden, Advisor for Pioneer Yearbook and The Kirkwood Call School Magazine

As a community, facing a global pandemic brought an abrupt end to the 2019-2020 school year, and media sharing as we know it. But now, schools can use Dirxion to share yearbooks with their communities. Share the entire yearbook or just certain pages.

Kirkwood High School Newspaper

Kirkwood High School uses Dirxion for their monthly newspaper, The Kirkwood Call. Your student organizations could do the same. Contact Dirxion to get started.

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