Results-driven online publications.

Design an HTML5-based online publication interface that displays your print pages, connects to e-commerce and delivers a return on your investment.

Filter your publications by product category, publication type and multiple languages

The latest trend in online publications is to build libraries that act as a central hub for your content marketing. Start with PDFs from a variety of publications and end with an HTML5-based, mobile-friendly interface that creates an interactive shopping experience that stems from your print.


Compass, Dirxion's online publication interface, helps create digital catalogs, directories, newspapers, magazines, flyers and travel guides. It empowers publishers to deliver an effective, robust marketing tool that is proven to increase reach, generate revenue and decrease distribution costs. Compass is easy to integrate, providing a seamless opportunity to improve your business.

Local Search

The Internet directory landscape is dynamic, which is why Dirxion's Local Search is a great platform with which to work. Local Search offers a flexible service that quickly brings great benefits to your advertisers. As the publisher, we equip you with new programs and ideas that are implemented to take advantage of new opportunities. Our solution evolves.

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