Results-driven online publications.

Design an HTML5-based online publication interface that displays your print pages, connects to e-commerce and delivers a return on your investment.

We provide a turnkey digital solution with multiple options to fit your needs.

PDF Solutions

We take your PDF's and provide a hosted, linked and interactive online publication that works across all platforms.

API & Data Feed

Using your API or data feed, links in your publication can open a product Quick View that ensures customers find accurate information in an appealing display.

No API? No Problem.

We offer varying options, from spreadsheets to product iFrames, so that your customers find what they are looking for within the online publications interface.

Mobile Apps

Publish your catalog on the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores to reach a broader audience and push notifications to your customers.






Linking Linking

Your website users have a short attention span. That is why we want for those users to feel as comfortable as possible, like they are still on your website when they are in one of Dirxion's interfaces.

To accomplish that, Dirxion's interface is built with HTML5, CSS and Javascript that is easily manipulated to match the style and standards of your brand. On top of that, the online publications are hosted on a CNAME, which places the experience as one within your website.

Through product links that pull open your e-commerce, Dirxion's online catalogs behave as a shopping experience.

Our goal is to leverage your existing e-commerce through the familiar look and feel of your print publications. In B2B master catalogs, our production team often links hundreds of thousands of product numbers and SKUs; in retail seasonal catalogs, they take the time drawing polygon links around the border of product images.

Dirxion pays close attention to the way your products are linked, in order to create the best calls to action.

In order to create sales with your online catalogs, Dirxion offers the most-custom e-commerce integration options in the online publishing industry. When a product is clicked, more information is displayed — without forcing the shopper to leave the print pages.

Quick View's can be integrated to show product details, and if that isn't an option, our team creates iFrames to point to your e-commerce product pages. Custom-designed product detail displays can be designed, pulling information through data feeds or spreadsheets.

An online publication overcomes typical distribution barriers — it is expensive to print and ship a publication but the Internet can deliver an online publication at anytime, anywhere. And in order to reach all consumers, online catalogs need to be accessible on all devices, not just desktop computers.

Dirxion's interface is built with mobile-friendly HTML5 technology rather than the immobile Adobe Flash. Its interface is responsive to screen sizes and resolutions, providing an optimal experience. Moreover, it can be delivered as a store application in both the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.

It is important to measure results to verify success of an online catalogs campaign. Each of Dirxion's online catalogs is equipped with unique Google Analytics tracking that reports standard overview information as well as publication-specific details.

The actual links being clicked are easily accessible, to give you an idea of what products your shoppers are most interested in. Our production team works with you on inserting tracking codes and has experience with Adobe Omniture, IBM Coremetrics and Google Analytics. This allows you to create your own campaign and piece together an ROI story.


Present your content marketing in a multi-publication interface equipped with advanced search features like language filters and cross-publication search.


Enable your sales and marketing teams to select and create their own custom collections and presentations with your print pages.


Allow us to build you an order form platform within your online publications, allowing your sales team to receive quote requests, submit orders and create sales.

Introducing the Minimal UI.

Dirxion's latest interface design offers a minimalist approach that hides the interface tabs and toolbar in a menu button. Clicking the menu button reveals the tab and toolbar functionality, which can be stored in multiple locations (top, left or bottom sides of the screen). The new look is an effort to draw more attention to the actual page content and create a cleaner, sleek look.

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