Select and create your own custom PDFs and presentations with the pages of your digital catalogs.

What is MyCatalog?

MyCatalog is an easy-to-use feature within the digital catalog interface that allows the user to add pages to a collection and curate a custom PDF. This PDF can be exported, or the selected pages can be translated into a temporary digital publication hosted at a dedicated, shareable URL.

Panel Design

With MyCatalog’s latest design, users can search and browse through a publication and add pages using earmark plus boxes. Clicking this box adds the page to a panel on the right-hand side of the interface, which snaps the pages to the side, allowing the user to easily navigate through more pages to make additional selections for their custom PDF.

Fully Executable

MyCatalog can also be displayed as a full screen executable. This format displays all pages in a grid view, where users can quickly visualize the entire publication before them. Enhanced view presents a given page in a lightbox to better view the content. Other publications can be accessed and presented quickly, as well.

A Sales and Marketing Tool

PDF flexibility that any sales and marketing team will appreciate.

Easy to Use

MyCatalog is intuitive and easy to use for your end user. It creates flexibility where expensive licenses or plugins would previously cause difficulties for sales and marketing team members.



Every given sales and marketing presentation is different depending on the audience. MyCatalog allows your sales and marketing efforts to cut through excess content and deliver catered pages to the people most interested in them.


In being integrated within the existing digital publication UX/UI, MyCatalog can be used side by side with other interface features — like search and interactive contents. This creates a seamless transition from discovering to curating to sharing.

Here to Help

Dirxion’s team of engineers, developers and sales professionals can help answer all of your questions and provide hands-on training and advice to best leverage this tool.

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