Interactive Catalog Design for Retailers

Enhance the digital catalog experience with brand friendly customization. Our engineers work hand-in-hand with retail marketing teams to curate a custom, shoppable product catalog that creates a seamless experience for your potential customers.

Convert Catalog Readers Into Online Buyers

REI wanted to leverage real-time information in their digital catalog experience by using their API. The integration ensures accurate pricing and product availability while offering additional variations within their products. Collaboration between development and marketing teams resulted in a custom language by which products contained on each page are communicated to the data feed. The end result is an enhanced UX to help convert additional sales.


REI’s digital catalog uses touchpoints, a visual call to action that takes the user to a desired product display page. Touchpoints are customizable and can be animated or given unique iconography.

Product Detail Panel

In coordination with REI, Dirxion curates and displays live product data in the digital catalog interface. This allows the user to interact with additional product information before leaving the catalog and advancing to a purchasing decision.

Minimal Design

Less is often more for retail digital catalogs, in that a more-focused, simplified interface allows the reader to stay tuned into the artwork. It also allows for the clickable product markup on the catalog pages to better stand out and elicit more shoppable events.

Mobile List View

Retail catalog campaigns receive more mobile traffic because of email campaigns and app embeds. The product detail panel allows for mobile users to engage with a list view of products on a given page. This creates a more engaging and shoppable UX on mobile.

High Quality Catalog Management Service

Experience the best expertise in the industry by working with a team of developers and engineers. We handle the catalog management process in order to bring ever-evolving product attributes to the forefront. The next level for digital catalog development is here.

Mobile friendly

Our user interface works seamlessly with both iOS and Android devices, providing a positive experience for smartphone and tablet users.


Unique messaging and rich media can be triggered in the digital catalog interface. These widgets can be tied to specific pages, keyword searches or time elapsed.

Analytics Tracking

Review your digital catalog campaigns with transparent analytics reports that show both overarching and granular pieces of information. Connect product clicks with your analytics to associate an ROI and conversion rate.

White Label Experiences

An online product catalog acts as a unique campaign channel that bridges the gap between print and e-commerce. For the best shopping experience, Dirxion offers the broadest set of customization and white label services. We want to create a comfortable environment for customers shopping your brand and making purchases. With close attention to branding detail, your shoppers will convert into online product catalog sales.

Fully Shoppable Images Across an Archive of Catalogs

Jonathan Adler showcases current and past catalogs and brings a shoppable experience through interactive product images. With its vast collection of modern American glamour, Jonathan Adler hosts catalogs dating back several years, which can be accessed, browsed and shopped. The result is an engaging collection of products that are engaging and inspiring.

Polygon Links

Many retailers, including Jonathan Adler, prefer image-based polygon links. Dirxion’s production engineers draw linked outlines around products on the page, which creates a clean markup.

E-Commerce Integration

Several integration options can be tested, including Quick Views, custom dialogues and simply opening links in a new tab. Jonathan Adler currently links product images out to new tabs, so that shoppers can receive extra information from their product display pages.

Custom Interface

In an effort to better match their website navigation, Jonathan Adler includes a custom header in the digital catalog interface. This helps enhance the white label approach that Dirxion takes to its UI design, which is key in creating a comfortable shopping environment.


Each catalog is published with transparent analytics, giving Jonathan Adler clear view into traffic and event data. This allows them to better gauge the return on investment in each catalog campaign.

Enhance the Shopping Experience

The next phase in retail catalog development connects product data to print pages. Whether through a simple spreadsheet, XML feed or API, connecting Dirxion’s digital catalogs with your product data brings added flexibility and shopping events to your interface. Allow shoppers to view a list of products on a given page, which enhances the mobile UX while generating more product clicks per session. Create an environment that capitalizes on your creative, captures your engagement and converts to more sales.

Retail Catalog FAQ

What is a retail catalog?

Retail catalogs are a print campaign with designed PDFs. They are often in the form of a flyer or seasonal catalog that showcases products in a visual format.

How do retail catalogs reach their audience?

Retail catalogs often reach their audience through print distribution channels. A digital catalog makes the PDFs interactive online, with product tagging that acts as shoppable CTAs. The retail catalog is published to a brand-specific URL. With this, publishers can create campaigns such as email marketing and social media advertising campaigns. This allows publishers to reach a broader audience with a digital distribution channel.

How do publishers update a product catalog?

As a full-service platform, Dirxion updates product catalogs upon customer request using the updated files. In servicing all of the production, Dirxion allows your team to focus on the success of the campaign marketing. Our team of developers and engineers offers unparalleled access to user interface customization.

Dirxion provides a useful and customer-friendly online catalogs experience for our customers who wish to browse our current collection of catalogs, no matter which device they choose to view it on.

— Direct Marketing Program Manager - Direct Mail & Push Notifications, REI

Dirxion enables us to present our full library of source books in a great editorial experience combined with the convenience of having all our content immediately available, portable and augmented by powerful digital tools like search, share and links to our e-commerce website.

— Director of e-Commerce, Online Creative, Restoration Hardware

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