B2B Catalog Solutions

Trusted by B2B marketing and sales teams across several industries, Dirxion is the gold standard in B2B interactive PDFs. As the leader in full-service digital catalogs, Dirxion provides the fastest, most-scalable solution.


Dirxion allows users to provide content marketing online and from one convenient location for the ultimate digital catalog management tool. Its bookshelf stores over 100 titles, comprising brochures, digital catalogs and more. With filters, users can drill down publications and search results by language, publication type and category. Product numbers within the pages are linked to their e-commerce pages to create a shoppable experience designed to ease purchasing decisions.

Bookshelf Library Features

Leviton works with Dirxion to publish a complete bookshelf of literature including sales and marketing online brochures, digital
e-commerce catalogs and more. Enhance your customer’s user experience with Dirxion’s product offering through customization options.

Library Search

Library bookshelf search allows users to apply filters and discover results across all titles in their collection with
one powerful engine.


Dirxion offers multi-language support to over countless languages by supporting both Alphabet and Logographic writing systems.

Branded Design

The interface itself is given a custom color and design to match the client’s brand. Dirxion’s interface is based in HTML5 and uses flexible CSS to deliver a unique interface designed specifically for your needs.

Mobile Friendly

The interface functions across all devices and browsers, offering full compatibility for both desktop and mobile users.


Our bookshelf feature allows you to present your PDFs in a multi-publication interface equipped with advanced search features like category, language or section filters to narrow down cross-publication searches.


Enable your sales and marketing teams to select and create their own custom online catalog, brochure or interactive PDF collections and presentations with your print pages.

Quote / Order Form

Build out a custom quote or order form within your online publications, allowing your sales team to receive inquiries and close sales straight from your digital e-commerce catalog.


Dirxion also hosts various client e-catalogs, such as The Big Book B2B e-commerce catalog from MSC Industrial. Its massive volume of over 4,500 pages presents unique challenges that require optimal production to create a fast digital experience. In addition, Dirxion also hosts several sales and segment catalogs for specific monthly promotions for our clients. Catalogs are linked back to web pages using lightboxes to create a shoppable experience within the digital interface.

Catalog Features

MSC works with Dirxion to publish its Big Book, a large B2B catalog, and several other segment catalogs and flyers. In turn, its interactive B2B PDFs connect with MSC’s ecommerce to convert B2B customers into sales.


Our publications are accessible through iFrames and embedded within their existing digital ecosystem. Page-specific links are included on every product page, creating additional entry points within your online product catalog.


Products within the catalogs are linked back to the e-commerce product information pages using lightboxes that display within the interface for a seamless customer experience.

Table of Contents

Catalog navigation is supported with an interactive table of contents that uses custom icons for visual cues. Clicking a section in the interactive product catalog offers multiple layers, creating an intuitive and easy-to-use navigation.

Take Advantage of myCatalog.

myCatalog is a great step forward in digital publishing that allows your team to create custom collections of publication pages. Users can select individual pages, rearrange the order and download as a new PDF based on their selections. The content can also be published to its own shareable URL and behave as a custom digital version. This new development is already being used by Dirxion publishers. Contact us to learn more about how to turn your PDFs into catalogs with myCatalog.

B2B Catalog FAQ

What type of B2B product catalogs are brought to Dirxion for digital publishing?

B2B companies often reach out with an array of literature, including but not limited to master catalogs, segment catalogs, e-commerce product catalogs, brochures, sell sheets and flyers. Dirxion’s full-service development approach is particularly suitable for larger scale catalogs and broader collections of catalogs. Engineers work closely with every project to ensure the optimization of speed and quality in the digital catalogs.

What are some best practices for marketing B2B catalogs?

For master catalogs or product catalogs, it is encouraged to link not just from the catalog back to product display pages, but also from PDPs back to catalog page numbers. This is often done by providing a catalog page number link on a product’s individual display page.

What are some ways sales teams integrate their B2B catalogs?

B2B sales teams often have company devices, like tablets, that the digital catalogs can be accessed and embedded in. Unique ordering mechanisms can be integrated using custom order forms and development resources. Sales teams will be given an array of features, like myCatalog, to make sharing PDFs and interactive PDFs seamless and intuitive.

We are able to track the page views and sessions for our online catalogs, number of downloads and installations of our mobile apps. The numbers continue to increase year-over-year for the mobile and tablet applications.

— Digital Marketing Manager, Lawson Products

Dirxion is very responsive in e-mail, they never talk down to us when we have no idea what we are doing. They offer us lots of education and help along the way and are overall just nice people.

— Marketing Manager, SpillTech

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