Maximize your advertiser exposure, give them an online audience.

Provide your readers with an online version of the printed magazine that can be distributed freely or protected by a login and delivered anywhere with an Internet connection.


Plumbing Engineer provides its readers with a high-resolution e-Edition that maintains speed and efficiency. The images throughout the magazine are given greater consideration, in publishing the pages as JPGs in an HTML5-based interface. This creates a mobile-friendly environment for its pages and enhances both the photography and advertisements. Dirxion provides its customers with same-day processing that still optimizes the e-Edition and gives readers a comfortable, easy-to-use experience.

Howard frequently provides Dirxion with new background images. Custom typography, icons and colors, as well as different interface layouts, are standard to all customers.

The e-Edition pages are available on desktop, tablet and smartphone devices, being delivered with mobile-friendly settings that use a mixture of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS to create the site.

Howard’s social media accounts are integrated through live feeds on the right-hand side of the interface. This pulls social posts into the e-Edition interface and drives engagement with their social media efforts.

After Howard’s pages are published, an email notification is sent to a list of its readers. The e-Edition pages can be published on any specified time or day.

Digital Advertising

Sell additional advertising space or support your top advertisers with digital ad placement in the e-Edition, including a variety of options like interstitial and banner ads.

Landing Pages

Show off your current and past editions with a bookshelf landing page that displays thumbnails of multiple e-Editions.

Website Embed

Embed the e-Edition within your own webpages using iFrames or other techniques. The e-Edition is created with HTML5, providing flexibility across platforms.


The University of Richmond Magazine is a publication intended for both students and alumni that is published three times a year. With students preferring online content and alumni spread all throughout the world, Richmond Magazine’s e-Edition provides a needed boost to exposure and circulation that can only be cost-efficient through digital delivery.

All previous Richmond Magazine e-Editions are accessible in the calendar button on the toolbar. This provides first-time users with some discovery of past issues that were missed.

A searchable archive compliments the calendar feature. The searchable archive offers keyword search of all previous editions, giving readers the tools to find specific information.

Activity in the e-Edition is tracked through Google Analytics, providing e-Edition-specific metrics on interface features, as well as engagement metrics to gauge overall site usage.

Protect your content, drive additional revenue — set up a subscription system.

Using a PayPal account or other payment processing methods, your magazine e-Edition can drive additional revenue through subscription sales. A simple admin is set up behind the subscription system to give staffers the ability to add, remove or edit existing subscription accounts. The database maintenance and processing can be both manual or automatic, with the option to include future renewals upon the initial subscription purchase.

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