E-commerce values merge for international millennial customers

Due to the rise of e-commerce and the Internet, integrated technology has become a daily aspect of everyday life. As covered in a recent TechCrunch article, marketers and industry analysts are discovering these changes are diminishing the power of geographical differences,with generations across the world becoming more alike than ever.

“If you want insight into Chinese millennials, you’re better off looking to their American peers than their Chinese parents. This wasn’t always the case: a Chinese person in their sixties grew up listening to and worshipping Chairman Mao, while an American did the same for the Beatles.” — TechCrunch, 2017

Millennials, those aged 18-34, account for 200 million in the Chinese population and 80 million in the U.S. population. Globally, this generation has been known as “digital natives,” those who have grown up in the digital age, causing customer values to merge. The article points out that the two demographics are unlikely to reach a point in which they’re exactly the same, especially considering the Chinese and U.S. market has large logistical differences in mobile versus desktop preferences, delivery networks and rival in-store shopping options. For millennials in both the U.S. and Chinese markets, e-commerce has changed to a brand loyalty dynamic. E-commerce performance and brand consistency are held in high regard and are graded under strict scrutiny. Studies conducted by Taylor & Francis Online concluded consumers make an evaluation of a website or e-commerce platform within 50 milliseconds. If expectations aren’t met, consumers are more likely than ever to switch over to a competitor. Online purchases account for 67 percent of all purchases made for millennials, according to BigCommerce. Other international markets have characteristics that make it easy for e-commerce to take hold. Areas who are mobile-first and have economies built without suitable offline shopping options generally thrive as e-commerce rises. New markets within the Chinese economy have taken a similar approach, taking tried and true business models in the U.S. and localizing them. Dirxion online catalogs give businesses an opportunity to tap into the developing global e-commerce market. Dirxion online catalogs can support a variety of languages that allow businesses to deliver an on-brand experience across international barriers.