Leveraging Your Online Catalog for Cross-Channel Marketing

Are you getting the most out of your cross-channel marketing strategy? For years, retail businesses have been able to use multi-channel marketing to increase sales by streamlining the customer journey. The process has been a little more difficult for B2B companies to get into.

However, recent advances in online catalog technology have made it easier for retail and B2B businesses to create a successful cross-channel marketing campaign.

As an online catalog expert with decades of experience, Dirxion knows how to use them to boost conversions. Read on to learn more about cross-channel marketing and how to use your digital catalog as the cornerstone of your omnichannel marketing campaign.

What is Multi-Channel Marketing?

Cross-channel marketing, also known as multi-channel marketing or omnichannel marketing, involves targeting your consumers across multiple marketing channels simultaneously.

The goal is to create a single, seamless experience for your customers to follow through the buying funnel to an actual purchase.

For example, companies might combine blog posts, email marketing or social media campaigns with targeted digital ads to ensure their messages reach customers as they navigate the consumer journey.

The most successful cross-channel marketing campaigns aim to boost consumer engagement. Marketers may even use buyer personas to create target audiences to figure out the most impactful channels to target.

The end goal is more purchases, with customers constantly being exposed to your brand and offers across multiple touchpoints while deciding which product to buy.

The Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing has the potential to increase your sales seriously. According to recent research, nearly 64% of B2B technology buyers read two to five pieces of content before purchasing. In addition, 90% of customers expect consistent communication across different marketing channels.

It’s more important than ever to ensure your cross-channel marketing experience is as holistic as possible.

Better Reach

The most significant benefit of cross-channel marketing is its ability to reach customers wherever they are. By targeting multiple channels, you have an increased chance of your messaging finding someone willing to make a purchase.

Increase Customer Engagement

Cross-channel marketing allows you to find customers in their preferred space, whether it’s various social media platforms or a blog. Customers are likelier to engage with your content in their preferred space.

Streamline the Customer Journey

Great multi-channel campaigns are easily interconnected, allowing customers to flow from point to point until they purchase without interruption.

Increase Brand Share of Voice

As a side effect of a multi-channel marketing blitz, your messaging is more likely to reach customers more often. The more often a customer sees your message, the more top of mind your brand is.

One Message, One Voice

Cross-channel marketing campaigns force you to think in terms of the bigger picture. As you begin planning integrations, you may find the marketing development process streamlined as everything comes together to promote a singular message or set of messages.

How Can Online Catalogs Be Used in Cross-Channel Marketing?

The key to a successful cross-channel marketing campaign is shareability and scalability. It needs to be simple to find, consume, and share content. This is the core of increasing user engagement.

Digital catalogs have become much more than PDF versions of your print catalog. Online catalog technology allows customers to search catalogs for specific products and make purchases within the catalog software.

With a Dirxion digital catalog, you can share PDP links directly in marketing materials and social media. Dirxion catalogs can even include analytics on searches, views, clicks, and purchases to give you data-driven insights to further target your cross-channel campaigns for maximum conversions. Having your entire product inventory in an easily searchable and interactive platform makes cross-channel marketing a breeze.

How MyCatalog Makes Cross-Channel Marketing Even Better

Dirxion digital catalogs are already fantastic when used in cross-channel campaigns, but MyCatalog takes things to the next level.

MyCatalog, by Dirxion, is our proprietary digital catalog system that gives customers unprecedented control over finding and sharing products. Besides being easily searchable, MyCatalog allows customers to group product and part categories, similar products, or even create their own PDP list to share with people everywhere. With MyCatalog, your product listings have infinite reach across all marketing channels as customers continue sharing essential products.

This extra level of interactivity increases conversions by providing an indispensable resource. Whether a customer is doing product research for a company decisionmaker or purchasing directly from the catalog, MyCatalog sets your business apart in ways that no other digital catalog on the market can.

Get a Digital Catalog Created by Dirxion

Dirxion has been creating top-quality digital catalogs for over 27 years. Look at some digital catalog solutions we’ve provided to businesses like yours.

If you’re ready to create a cross-channel marketing-ready digital catalog, the experts at Dirxion are here to help. We will work with you to ensure your catalog has everything needed for your business and sales strategy.

Talk to us today to discuss the next steps and how we can help you succeed with a custom digital catalog!