Let’s Celebrate Earth Day, Everyday!

Earth Day has been celebrated for nearly the past 50 years, and was created to inspire awareness and appreciation for our environment. Earth Day was founded (back in 1970) by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in, and since then, it’s widely celebrated in many countries worldwide. And throughout the year, this is one of our favorites, mostly because we celebrate Earth Day, every day over at Dirxion! From huge recycle bins to canvas shopping bags to digital publications, we love to be green! Earth Day is one of those days where we celebrate our progress and the steps we’ve taken to help the environment as a company, and as individuals.

There are so many things we do here at Dirxion to help clean up and maintain a healthy environment and it doesn’t stop at work for many employees. We have quite a few dedicated green people on staff, and we’re proud of their efforts, because they really do make a difference.

In case you’re wondering how you can play your part in maintaining beautiful Mother Earth, below you’ll find a list of Earth Day related websites that are all jam packed with information and helpful tips that will officially turn you “green” in no time at all!

1. EarthDay.Org (official Government portal for Earth Day information and resources).

2. Earth Day Network (filled with enough Earth Day information to keep you busy for days).

3. EPA Earth Day Site (official Earth Day page of the EPA)

4. World Wildlife Earth Day Page (official Earth Day page of WWF)

5. Sierra Club Earth Day Page (official Earth Day page for Sierra Club)

6. Nature Conservancy (official Earth Day page for the Nature Conservancy)

7. Earth Day Canada (for our Canadian friends, this is the Earth Day Canada page)

8. The Importance of Eco-Friendly Cars. Thanks to Mason and the rest of Mr. Wagner’s class for bringing this page to our attention!

There are hundreds of great websites and blogs out there that are all about Earth Day, the environment, and anything to do with nature, but we figured the few above should give you a good start. One of the recurring themes on all of the sites above is the “just get out and do something” phrase. If you truly want to help, and if you’re not one that regularly practices eco-friendly habits, just try something for a day. Recycle some cans, replace your old lights with energy conserving fluorescent bulbs, or one of a thousand other ideas you’ll find in some of the sites listed above.