MSC Industrial praised for personalizing e-commerce software

In a recent article from Digital Commerce 360, Dirxion customer MSC Industrial was highlighted for employing new e-commerce software that recommends products to consumers based on their previous viewing and purchasing history. Large e-commerce corporations have been known to deliver similar experiences, most notably Amazon, which had recently unveiled the open source software they use to power their product recommendation system. The software also relies on MSC’s email campaigns, displaying what products and promotional offers consumers have responded to and interacted with in the past. It integrates with other customer relationship management software to base product recommendations off of customer account activity and product life cycles. Overwhelmingly, consumers have shown an increased preference for a personalized e-commerce experience. According to Accenture, 75 percent of consumers would be more likely to buy from a retailer that either knows their purchase history, recommends options based on past purchases or recognizes them by name. Certain levels of individualization translates to brand loyalty, as brand relationships are often driven by emotion. Consumers who interact with a personalized shopping experience have also been more likely to recommend it to their peers; 77 percent of consumers have chosen, recommended or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience, according to research from Forrester. The company’s investment in e-commerce has benefited them even in the short run. As reported in a separate article by Digital Commerce 360,e-commerce sales increased by 6.4 percent and now accounts for nearly 60 percent of their total net sales. MSC, No. 74 on the B2B E-Commerce 300 list, has continuously invested in new ways to implement e-commerce within their business to remain an Internet powerhouse. MSC Twitter MSC implemented Dirxion’s online catalog directly within their website. “The Big Book,” MSC’s annual catalog, can be opened and closed from wherever within their website using a tab on the left-hand side of their webpages. Dirxion’s online catalogs are optimized with HTLM5 and are supported by a multitude of proxy servers to assure fast loading times, in spite of large databases from which to pull information. Dirxion’s commitment to industry revolution gives MSC Industrial and hundreds of other B2B businesses the tools to meet consumer needs and remain leaders within their market.