6 Reasons Your Business Needs a Content Library

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A content library can feel like a vague concept. Content can take many different forms, and a library is simply someplace items are stored.

What we’re specifically talking about is a digital marketing content library that stores your company’s digital assets and content. With a content library, all of your business’s important marketing assets can all live in one place. A content library can be on the front end of things so that potential customers can view them, or it can be on the back end so that only internal team members can view it. If your business doesn’t have a marketing content library, now’s the time to implement one. Things might be working well for your business without one, but we’re here to tell you that there are many benefits in creating one. This article covers six reasons why your business needs one, but we can assure you that there are far more than six reasons why you need a marketing content library.

1. You Have a Large Collection of Literature

We’re putting this first for a reason. If your business has a very large collection of digital assets (this can be literature, brochures, catalogs, sell sheets and anything else you create and use for marketing), then you can’t afford for any items to get lost in the shuffle.

Creating a marketing content library will help keep your large collection of materials organized so everything can be accessed more easily. On top of that, trying to navigate a large number of digital assets without a process in place can be a pain, and you might never find the document you are looking for. Working in a content library with search capabilities will also make your life easier, and that is something Dirxion can provide. Rather than clicking through countless pages to manage content and find what you need, all you will have to do is input a search.

2. You Can Increase Sales

A well-structured content library can go a long way in boosting your sales. It all has to do with making your valuable information accessible to potential customers and clients. If your assets aren’t accessible, then customers won’t be able to see everything you have to offer.

If your sell sheets, digital catalogs and literature are all in your library, then they are more accessible, sharable and engaging. Consumers and potential customers will then be more likely to make a purchase decision with your company. A marketing content library also gives your sales team more ownership of company assets and helps them better find what materials they need to close sales. They know their customers better than anyone else, and a content library allows them to pull content that best matches their targets.

3. You Already Have Strong Internal Asset Support

If there is a lot of internal support at your business for digital catalogs, assets and the potential for a well-built-out content library, then you should take advantage of those circumstances. Believe it or not, some businesses don’t care as much about their literature. Those companies will struggle to develop a good content library and it might not be worth their time. One of the biggest signs of businesses welcoming digital assets came with the pandemic. Companies began to print fewer items and looked for digital solutions. If you cut back on physical material, it’s important to have something to replace it. Those businesses that were able to pivot successfully should take advantage of that momentum to build out a more robust digital library.

4. Save Time on Content Creation

Much of this concept goes hand in hand with the needs of your sales and marketing teams. As mentioned earlier, a content library helps your team better find what materials they need to close sales. If you don’t have a digital library, then it’s possible your internal team members can’t find literature or assets that have already been created.

If your team can’t find what they need, then they might end up re-creating something that already exists. And if something doesn’t already exist, then you might find something in your library that will also successfully meet your needs.A lot of valuable time can be wasted if you don’t have a grasp on the pieces of content you’ve already created. Having everything organized will help you save time and money on content creation. You can also save resources by reusing already created content in new campaigns or sales efforts.

5. 24/7 Digital Content Access

While this might seem like a basic concept, it is crucial for working efficiently. If you have content assets scattered across the company in random folders owned by different team members, then finding what you need at the right time might be impossible. Storing all of your content in one library will give all team members consistent access to what they need. Gone are the days of asking other team members where something might be. While not ideal, if you are working late into the day, this concept will give you the ability to access what you need at all hours of the day, rather than having to ask somebody for a sell sheet after work hours.

6. You Need to Clear Out Old Content Assets

Part of putting together a digital content library is auditing your existing content. Creating a new library is the perfect opportunity to start organizing content and getting rid of content that is no longer needed or completely outdated. You can also take this opportunity to identify documents that need to be updated. You’ll want your library to have your latest and greatest materials to not crowd your digital content library with unnecessary documents. If you’re in a place where your business has all kinds of unused content assets, then using a new content library as a means to clean up your documents would be a great use of time.

Create a Content Library With us Today

As we’ve talked about countless times, digital catalogs are becoming a requirement for most businesses. On top of that, creating a digital content library to store those catalogs and other pieces of content is also becoming necessary. We’ll help you create exactly what you need to store your content and create efficiencies within your company. Contact Dirxion today and let’s start building a content library together!