Great ways to promote your newspaper e-Edition

Newspaper e-Editions are becoming a necessity for newspaper websites. They act as an extension of the print version of the paper, broadening its circulation to the endless edges of the Internet. If not promoted properly, however, it will not be found by the newspaper’s target audience. Below are some practices that newspapers are using to promote their e-Edition.

Integrate it into current social media strategies

The online version of the paper is social-network friendly, which means you can easily create links to it from your favorite social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Actively integrating these publications into your existing social media strategy will offer visitors quick access to your brand and will help increase reader interest.Once there, users will be able to share your interactive publication on their favorite social networks by using various interface features. Use social media to circulate the paper to your readers, and then let your readers start circulating it for you.


If your company has a Facebook page, then you can post a link to your newest digital edition on your wall or to the sidebar of your profile page. You can even integrate your entire digital edition into your page by utilizing an embedded Facebook app. Also, periodically include links to interesting print articles within the replica version to announce the latest issue in your status updates.


Make sure to post an occasional link to your digital edition pages. It’s a great way for new followers to not only get the information they were after but also become more familiar with your company and your publication.

Deliver targeted email campaigns with a clear call-to-action

An interactive publication is an asset; promote it to your customers via email campaigns. Send an email prior to launch as a teaser and then send another to launch your digital edition to your targeted audience, making sure to highlight some of the hottest content to prompt clickthroughs.

Advertise on external sites

Create a banner ad that notifies people about your interactive, online version, and use the banner in an ad campaign on verticals, local businesses (news stations, chambers of commerce, newspapers, real estate companies), industry blogs, etc. You can also generate an Adwords campaign for additional exposure on external sites.

Provide above-the-fold visibility on your homepage

Featuring your digital publication in a prominent position on your home page will naturally grab the attention of your customers. Our research shows that displaying a thumbnail of the digital publication on your home page increases publication use by 21 percent.

Advertise in your printed publication

You’ll reach your entire distribution list at almost no additional cost to you. Be sure to let your print subscribers know all about the benefits of using the digital version — quick search, immediate access, direct click to order, easy to share with friends, video/audio for deeper product info, etc.

Provide the option to view your digital product in lieu of ordering a printed copy

This provides your customers with immediate access to what they wanted and could drive repeat traffic if they start using it. Additionally, offering a digital version of your publication will appeal to the increasingly “green” consumer.

Offer incentives

Everyone loves a discount. Encourage your customers to browse the digital publication and then reward them with a discount toward their next online purchase. Or, provide exclusive content in your digital version.