How Online Catalogs Make eCommerce More Accessible

If you already have a print catalog, you know how important catalogs are for driving sales. But print catalogs have one major flaw: they’re static.

Professionally designed online catalogs offer the dynamic experience your customers crave to help them find what they’re looking for faster. While print catalogs are limited in circulation, a well-maintained digital catalog has potentially infinite reach with share functionality.

Read on to learn more about how online catalogs make your products more accessible from the digital catalog experts at Dirxion!

How Online Catalogs Can Reach Larger Audiences

There are a few major ways in which online catalogs can significantly increase your reach among your target audience:

  • Shareability
  • Accessibility
  • Integration

Online Catalogs Are Highly Shareable

Online catalogs are sharable in ways print catalogs aren’t. If you give your catalog linking functionality or the ability to easily be converted into a PDF, your reach is potentially limitless.

With the click of a button, potential customers can share a product, page or even entire section of your catalog with friends, family and co-workers. Even better, an online catalog with internal and cross-linking capabilities can see your products shared effortlessly on social media platforms.

Including cross-platform linking to your catalog design also makes marketing with your digital catalog a breeze. You can post relevant parts of the catalog on social media yourself or include them in email blasts highlighting new releases or deals.

Online Catalogs Offer Increased Accessibility

When printing a catalog, all of the particulars need to be decided beforehand. Costs for printing are high, which means you need to be more specific about what goes into your catalog.

Online catalogs give you the freedom to change stuff up and include options that you can’t in print catalogs. For example, online catalogs can be offered in multiple languages. Dirxion’s digital catalogs are available in more than eighteen languages, allowing you to reach customers all over the world. Additionally, our catalogs can be designed to accommodate screen readers for the visually impaired.

With online catalogs, you can reach far more potential customers at a much lower cost.

Online Catalogs Integrate with Your Web Ecosystem

One of the biggest benefits of a digital catalog is the interactive experience it provides to your customers. Print catalogs allow people to passively view products, while online catalogs encourage users to enact purchasing decisions with the touch of a button.

You can connect your catalog back to your website so users can access product display pages right off your home page, and vice versa. Additionally, online catalogs can include search functions, which help users find exactly what they’re looking for with ease.

Finally, it’s possible (and highly recommended) to include e-commerce from directly within the catalog. Users can convert right on the page or click on a cross-link that takes them directly to your online store. Integrating your online product catalog with your website allows for a seamless chain of user interactions. This ensures the sales funnel remains unbroken during all steps of the buying process and leads to a better customer experience. The better the buying experience, the more likely a customer will choose to convert!

Online Catalogs Provide More Customer Insights

With print catalogs, data collection and sales tracking is growing outdated. There’s no doubt print is still a worthy medium to capture customer purchases, but your marketing department will always lament that you have limited analytics for a large part of that sales funnel.

Online catalogs change all of that. Similar to how you can install Google Analytics on your website, you can add analytics to your digital catalog to capture things like total traffic, average session duration, how many pages users are viewing, which products are clicked on, how often pages are shared and, after purchase, how many product sales convert from specific catalog items. With all these additional ways to track how customers move through the purchase decision process, you have unprecedented latitude to adjust your marketing to capture more leads, close more sales and retarget missed opportunities.

Create Your Online Catalog with Dirxion

Dirxion is the industry leader in the creation of digital catalogs for a reason. We’re not your typical catalog maker and we don’t use low-quality product catalog templates. Dirxion has a full team of developers dedicated to creating a stand-out, customizable, uniquely branded customer experience in the form of an online catalog.

We offer a truly dynamic experience including interactive tables of contents, a reliable search function that can be broken down by categories, brands and products, e-commerce functionality directly within the catalog, integration with your website including clickable cross-links and SKUs and peerless analytics capabilities.

Best of all, creating a catalog with Dirxion is as simple as can be. All we require is a PDF of your current catalog and any product links/SKUs you want to include. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. We’ll even create custom URLs for your catalog and host it.

When you partner with Dirxion, you get a partner that truly has your back. We’ll continue to maintain and develop your catalog, so your customers always have the latest cutting-edge e-commerce experience. If you’re ready to increase sales with a digital product catalog that’s your own, contact the experts at Dirxion.