How to Create a B2B Product Catalog

For B2B companies, online catalogs are a must-have. Not only do they provide an easily accessible way for your potential customers to view and make purchasing decisions on a wide array of product information, but many digital catalogs also simplify the purchasing process to boost sales.

If you have a large inventory or are currently utilizing a parts catalog that is hundreds of pages long, the prospect of digitizing and upgrading your catalog may seem daunting. Rest assured, you too can have a unique, branded and interactive B2B product catalog with little effort. Learn how Dirxion, the industry leader in digital B2B product catalogs, can help your business stand out, increase sales and cut costs all while you barely lift a finger.

The Benefits of B2B Online Catalogs

If you haven’t read our other articles What is a B2B Catalog and Making Your Catalog Accessible , now is the perfect time to get caught up!

To summarize, some of the main benefits of a digital B2B product catalog include:

  • They’re evergreen
  • They have much larger product offerings
  • They’re often used as an internal sales tool
  • They capture user intent

In other words, your online product catalog is used in many different facets of your eCommerce business. Having a detailed, well-organized and searchable B2B product catalog is key to ensuring your business, sales team and customers are all on the same page.

Dirxion Makes B2B Catalogs Easy

Many of our clients are understandably nervous about making the switch to digital. They understand that online catalogs have so many benefits that traditional catalogs just can’t compete with, but when they think of all the time and resources they’ll need to pour into uploading and curating their catalog, they freeze up.

Unfortunately, with many of today’s current catalog management softwares, you are still responsible for much of the leg work. They may allow you to easily convert an existing PDF to a semi-functional digital version of your current catalog, but if you want features that really help you sell, you’re looking at a major commitment from your development staff. Dirxion is the exact opposite.

Dirxion was founded nearly 30 years ago with the explicit goal of helping businesses overcome their Digital Doubt. We have an experienced in-house development team that specializes in creating and maintaining branded customer experiences that are a unique fit for your business. But best of all, we do the heavy lifting. Read on to learn how Dirxion works with you to create the perfect B2B product catalog.

1. Getting Started

To create such a masterpiece of eCommerce craftsmanship, one would think getting started would take months. With Dirxion, beginning your online catalog journey is as simple as contacting us and sending us a PDF of your current catalog.

2. Filling in Product Information

Once we have your catalog PDF, we’ll need just a little more information from you. If you have a list of product SKUs, providing them allows Dirxion to create an interactive, fully-searchable and integrated catalog.

3. Select Additional Features

If you want the full interactive catalog experience, Dirxion can help you make the most of our B2B product catalog features. If you have specific product videos or demos you want to showcase, we can integrate them directly on the product page within the catalog. We can also add conversion forms and add-to-cart features for a seamless shopping experience.

4. Consider Adding MyCatalog

MyCatalog is a Dirxion-exclusive feature that takes your catalog experience to the next level. With MyCatalog, your customers can create custom-curated lists of products to watch, compare, and share. Users can convert these selections into a PDF with a custom URL to allow for maximum compatibility.

With MyCatalog, your customers receive a personalized shopping experience that just isn’t available anywhere else in the industry.

5. Sit Back and Relax

Once Dirxion has your information, our experienced team of developers gets to work creating your one-of-a-kind online B2B product catalog. We’ll create a branded experience perfectly tailored to your unique selling needs. We’ll even create and host your catalogs on a custom URL for you. At Dirxion, we take care of your catalog so you can stay focused on what matters.

Discover Why Dirxion is the Industry Leader in B2B Product Catalog Solutions

Dirxion has been creating stunning B2B catalogs for over 27 years. Take a look at some of the digital catalog solutions we’ve provided to major B2B suppliers.

Want an industry-leading digital catalog but don’t have the capacity to create one yourself? Dirxion can help! Showcase your products in style and increase sales while reducing costs. If you’re ready to upgrade your B2B consumer journey, give Dirxion a call.